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A True Crime Memoir of an Amish Woman's Survival, Escape, and Pursuit of Justice

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I met Lizzie Hershberger a few years ago at a conference. One evening there was a group of us that got together in the back room of a local restaurant and we spent what seems like hours just chatting. We laughed. We cried. We shared intimate stories about the things that had brought us to that place. Lizzie shared about her plans to write a book, and I’ve looked forward to reading it ever since then.

Her book is called Behind Blue Curtains. Let me start by saying that the book is well written. One of my pet peeves is books that are written by people with an important story to tell, but the story is greatly hindered by a lack of good writing and editing. That was not this book.

Thank you Lizzie, for being willing to tell your story

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